2024 Free State Inter Primary Gala (Bloemfontein)


A huge congratulations to the boys who received medals at the Free State Inter Primary gala, in Bloemfontein. 👏🏻
Ons is baie trots op julle, seuns!
Dryden Knoetze
- 3 x brons
- ⁠goud vir aflos/en silver aflos
Troy Liebenberg
- 1 x brons
- ⁠1 x goud
- ⁠1 x goud vir aflos/en silver aflos
Wihan de Waal
- 2 x brons
- ⁠1 x goud vir aflos/silver aflos
Logan Franck
- 3 x brons
- ⁠1 x goud (aflos)/silver aflos 



2024 NFS Gala (Kroonstad)

We are extremely proud of our swimmers, who have excelled at the NFS Gala, in Kroonstad.
Die volgende swemmers het medaljes ontvang tydens die gala;
Logan Franck, Wihan de Waal, Troy Liebenberg, Nico Kruger en Dryden Knoetze.
Congratulations to Logan Franck and Troy Liebenberg, who were the best male swimmers in their age group, as well as Nico Kruger, and Wihan de Waal that came 2nd and 3rd in their age groups! 

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2023 South African Schools Championships

We would like to congratulate, Marubini Matumba, who has been chosen to represent the Free State Swimming Team at the South African Schools Championships, this weekend, in Durban. This is a huge achievement! Ons is voorwaar trots op jou, Marubini! 


2023 Free State Inter-provincial Gala

We are extremely proud of our swimmers, who have excelled at the Free State Inter-provincial Gala, in Bloemfontein.

Baie geluk aan Logan Franck wat aangewys is as die junior Victor Ludorum swemmer.

Die volgende swemmers het medaljes ontvang:
Logan Franck het 2 goud asook ‘n brons medalje ontvang.
Wihan de Waal het 1 goud, 2 brons en ‘n silver medalje ontvang.
Troy Liebenberg het een silver medalje ontvang en Dryden Knoetze het ‘n brons medalje ontvang.
Vaalpark Primêr is trots op elke swemmer met hulle puik prestasies. Baie geluk!



2023 Noord-Vrystaat Swemgala

Vaalpark Primêr het op 6&7 Februarie, aan die Noord-Vrystaat Swemgala in Kroonstad deelgeneem.  Ons skool het uitstekened gevaar.Congratulations to all the swimmers on their achievements.  Wihan de Waal came second and Logan Franck came third, in the 9-13 years category.

The following learners will participate at the FS Inter-school Gala in Bloemfontein on 20&21 February:
Logan Franck, Nico Kruger, Blake Liebenberg, Troy Liebenberg, Marubini Matumba, Dryden Knoetze, Aiva Franck, Barend Pieters and Wihan de Waal.

Results for NFS Gala:
Logan Franck:  4 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 1 x Brons
Wihan de Waal:  1 x Gold, 4 x Silver, 2 x Brons
Dryden Knoetze:  1 x Brons
Troy Liebenberg:  2 x Brons
Nico Kruger:  1 x Brons
Aiva Franck:  3 x Silver
Marubini Matumba:  1 x Brons

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