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Valie Café will be open daily: 

*Mondays – Thursdays: 07:00 – 15:00
 *Fridays: 07:00 – 13:30
*Match days and other special occasions 


 Ordering of food 

 Method 1:  Karri App
  • You are welcome to order hot food for grade 1 – 7 on the Karri App, daily.   
    • Orders may be placed on the Karri App from 15:00 – 07:00, the next morning, for that day.
    • The menu for each day is available on the Karri App, from 15:00 – 07:00, the next morning.  
  • It is your own responsibility to make sure that your payment went through and that your child knows that you ordered for them.    
  • Parents of grade 1 to 3 learners are encouraged to buy water instead of cold drinks.  
  • Karri App Notifications getting too much for you?! – You are welcome to change your notifications to e-mail or put them on silent. Also, you do not have to dismiss the notifications.  Just ignore the notification if you are not interested – they will disappear from your app when the order close.          
  • We can also take you off the list, but please note that we will not put you back on again. You will still receive school related Karri app notifications but not tuck shop notifications.  WhatsApp your child’s name and surname, grade and your name and surname to 074 735 4568, if you wish to be taken off the list.    
  • Please also be mindful and patient of the fact that the Karri App food orders were put in place as a support structure, to help parents navigate busy work schedules, parenting, unexpected sport events and unforeseen empty cupboards.
  • If your child forgot to collect their order – we will keep their food until the end of the day (15:00). We do however send the grade 1 to 3 teachers a list of names daily of who ordered food and they send or remind the little ones to collect their food. (This is only for Grade 1 – 3, Grade 4 – 7 must collect their food themselves.
  • If you have any questions or do not receive Karri App notifications, please contact the tuck shop, at 074 735 4568.     
Method 2:  Ordering of food at the tuck shop   
  • All daily hot food for Gr 1 – 7 learners must be ordered before school (07:00-07:25), for break time.
  • Payment is required when an order is placed. No credit will be given to children.
  • Orders for after school must be placed before 12:00, please. Although we will never turn a child away who wants food after school – it helps to know quantities and incorporate it with our heavy load shedding schedule! 
  • If your child has their own bank card, the Valie Café do use card machine facilities as well. Please remember that this is their own responsibility when using the card and keeping it safe. 



General hours:  

The Valie Café will be open as follows:

Monday – Thursday: 07:00 – 15:00 
Friday: 07:00 – 13:30 
Should there be sport days or matches played after these hours, the tuck shop will endeavour to serve the learners and the parents, if it is possible.  

Opening hours for grade 1 to 3: 
  • Gr 1 – 3 will have tuck shop (sweets) once a week, on a date arranged with their teacher.
  • Should your child require any hot food for lunch or break times, they are welcome to  follow the procedure as set out above, in the mornings, or order on the Karri App.
  • We encourage to buy water, instead of cold drinks!


Other information:  

Please be considerate of the following information:  

  • We need adequate time to prepare food – especially with our heavy load shedding  
  • There will be no accounts / credits allowed.
  • Please be patient as we will be adapting and making changes as needed.
  • Note that there will always be adjustments to pricing of items, to built forward and providing you and your child with the best quality of food and drinks.

Parents are welcome to support the Valie Café any time after 12:00.    A card machine will also be available for your comfort.


ALERT!!  Parent support!!!  The Valie Café also have a bit of basic stationary available for that lost pencil, ruler, eraser, or pen.    

If your child has lost a crucial piece of stationary and you are overloaded at work – just send us a WhatsApp (074 735 4568) and we will let you know what we have in stock!    

Thank you for your support!   


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