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Thursday, 27 January 2022

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Vaalpark Primêr kry 'n nuwe adjunkhoof!

Ons kondig met trots die aanstelling van mnr. Jannie Erasmus, as Vaalpark se nuwe adjunkhoof, aan, vanaf 1 April 2021.
Vaalpark Primêr is opreg saam met hom bly oor die bevorderingspos en sien uit om sy pad, as adjunkhoof, saam met hom te stap.
Voorwaar 'n aanstelling DUISEND!!!

Vaalpark Primary gets a new Deputy-Principal!

We are proud to announce the appointment of Mr Jannie Erasmus as Vaalpark's new deputy-principal, as from 1 April 2021.
Vaalpark Primary is truly excited to share the good news of his promotion with him. We look forward to being part of his future journey in this capacity!
Truly, an appointment in a MILLION!!!


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School Hours

Gr 00 & 0

Monday to Thursday

07:30 – 12:30
07:30 – 12:00

Gr 1 - 2

Monday to Friday

07:30 – 13:00

Gr 3

Monday to Friday

07:30 - 13:00

Gr 4 - 7

Monday to Thursday

07:30 – 13:45
07:30 - 13:00

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School uniform is available at Sasolburg Uniforms and Schoolgear, if you are interested. Skooldrag is wel beskikbaar by Sasolburg Uniforms en Schoolgear, indien u sou belangstel.  

2021 Klasindeling en Kontakinligting


2021 Student Council

Head Boy:  Zandre' Da Silva
Head Girl: Bennita Aleke
Deputy Head Boy: Reinhardt Meyer
Deputy Head Girl: Lume' Janse Van Rensburg 




1. Dihandre' Hartmann

1. Hailey Armstrong

2. Jaden Heckler

2. Ketsia Banutelo

3. Rafael Jardim

3. Tessa Douwenga

4. Thuto Mokau

4. Queraine Dreyer

5. Duan Nel

5. Elani Julies

6. Charl Olson

6. Amy Klink

7. Eduan Rademan

7. Mikayla Kugler

8. Nathan Ridicoski

8. Ayanda Mtakati

9. Ryan Stone

9. Carli Pretorius

10. Justin Viviers

10. Cheyenne Soares

11. Wiard Weber

11. Liane' Stols

12. Bandile Zakwe

12. Leanke Voigt


Vaalpark Primary School : Best Overall Performing Primary School - Fezile Dabi District

The Fezile Dabi Education District held their first primary school’s awards function on 8 February 2020. Primary Schools play a vital role in the quality of grade 12 results, in years to come.

Vaalpark Primary received various awards at this ceremony. Amidst all the awards, Gerhard Louw received recognition as the best Natural Science Educator in the Fezile Dabi District. The results of all the grades 7’s Common exam papers, in the whole district, were taken into account for this award. Truly an achievement to be proud of!

The school was also awarded various sport trophies for some national level achievements, i.e. Rugby, athletics, swimming and cross country. Vaalpark was the only school that received recognition for swimming, as well as the only school, with Afrikaans speaking learners in it,  that received a cross-country trophy.

They received the trophy, as over-all winners for the school excelling in all 7 pillars. This encompassed pass marks, subject averages and numbers of distinctions achieved. As a result of all these wonderful achievements, it is no surprise that, the school was identified as the “Best Overall Performing Primary School”  in the Fezile Dabi district.

The Governing Body and parents, are very proud of 2019, Grade 7 ‘s. They would like to thank all for the quality of education and teaching at the school. Lees meer en kyk na foto...


Galleries(Updated 2020-02-18):

Dit is groot pret om 'n Valie te wees!!! Kyk net wat vang ons alles aan:

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New Principal for Vaalpark Primary

Mrs. Karin Baker, currently acting principal of Vaalpark Primary, in Sasolburg, has officially been appointed as principal of the school as from 1 January 2020. The SGB and teaching staff are very excited, and look forward to supporting Mrs. Baker, in her official capacity. The excellent task, which she has conducted as acting principal during the past year, with expertise and wisdom, has definitely made her the best choice. Our heartfelt congratulations go to Mrs. Baker. We know that you will lead Vaalpark Primary to even greater heights, in years to come!!!

Nuwe skoolhoof vir Vaalpark Primêr

Me.Karin Baker, tans waarnemende skoolhoof, van Vaalpark Primêre Skool, in Sasolburg , is amptelik as skoolhoof aangestel, met ingang, 1 Januarie 2020. Die Vaalpark Primêre Beheerliggaam en onderwyspersoneel, sien met groot opgewondenheid uit om die pad, nou amptelik, as skoolhoof, saam met me. Baker, te stap! Die uitstekende taak, wat sy die afgelope jaar, met puik kundigheid, in haar waarnemende hoedanigheid verrig het, maak haar beslis die beste keuse! Ons opregte gelukwense aan me. Baker, ons weet dat u, Vaalpark Primêre Skool tot nóg groter hoogtes sal lei! 


2020 Prize Giving : See photo's : 2019 Prize Giving

Grade 1-3
Junior Dogtersatleet: Daniella Banutelo
Junior Boys Athlete: Hugo Stokbroekx
Junior Tennisspeelster: Lize' vd Heever
Junior Tennis Player: Hannes Steenkamp
Junior Swemmer: Mia Mitrovic

Grade 4-7
Senior Girls Athlete: Ketsia Banutelo
Senior Seunsatleet: Nathan Bower
Senior Girls Swimmer: Francis Whelam
Senior Boys Swimmer: Dihandre' Hartmann

Dux Learners 
Grade 4: Caprivi de Beer   Grade 5: Zieke Rossouw    Grade 6: Bennita Aleke      Grade 7: Nanje vd Reede 

New School Uniform

After much deliberation, permission from the SGB and majority of the parents’ input (via voting) it has finally been decided to introduce our NEW, more formal school uniform. This transition is going to take a period of 2 years to transform from the “old” to the “new”. The new garments prices are also cheaper than that which we are currently wearing. Read more: New School Uniform

Die nuwe skooluniform is beskikbaar by Ebenhaeser, School Gear & Sasol School Uniforms en mag gedra word vanaf 1 September 2019. The new school uniform is available from Ebenhaeser, School Gear & Sasol School Uniforms. Learners may wear the new uniform from 1 September 2019. 


Valies SPOG  

Besoek gerus ook die VALIES SPOG blad om meer te lees oor Valie prestasiesValies Spog ...



Please link Vaalpark Primary School to your app (card) by clicking on Gauteng, and Vanderbijlpark (as it is the store that we use most   often) - you will find Vaalpark Primary.  "Link to card" The school will then receive a rebate from Makro. Read more: Open Newsletters...


Visitors cards

To secure your child’s safety during school hours, no person will be allowed on the school grounds without a visitors card. Please report to the secretary at the office, Mrs Thysse, when visiting the school. 




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