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Thursday, 27 January 2022

2021 School Fees

Payment of school fees:

Payments of school fees can be done at the financial office. EFT transfers can also be done. Banking details appear on your account.

IMPORTANT: please ensure that you use the correct reference with payments. Preferably use your account number, which appears on your account with the banking details. You can  also use the name and surname of your oldest child in this school as reference. Only using parent Initials and surname or just the name of a child as reference is invalid and will result in incorrect allocation of your payment.


School fees for 2021 are payable before the 7th of every month. The last payment must be before 7 November 2021.


School fees,  per year, for the first child R10 700.00
School fees,  per year, for the second child  R10 200.00
School fees,  per year, for the third child R9 500.00


The payable amount for one Child’s school fees, over 11 months:      
R980.00 for 10 months from January until October and R900.00 for November 2021 

The payable amount for two children, over 11 months:   
R1900.00 for 11 months from January until November 2021

The payable amount for three children, over 11 months: 
R2800.00 for 10 months from January until October and R2400.00 for November 2021


If  the school fees  are  fully  paid  before  28  February  2021  there  is  a  5% discount  on  school fees .                                              


 1 child’s school fees

2 children’s school fees 

3 children’s school fees 

School fees

 R    10700.00

R       20900.00

R        30400.00

5% Discount

  -      535.00

-            1045.00      

-           1520.00

Total Amount

R     10165.00

 R      19855.00

 R       28880.00



Banking details:

Vaalpark Primary school

ABSA bank Sasolburg                       

Branch code:  632-005

Account number:  520861106

Cheque account

Reference:  Child’s name and surname