Our kids are influenced not only by us as parents but also by the world.

They live in the reality of smartphones, tablets, computers, social media, Chat Rooms, WhatsApp, Spotify, and YouTube, to name but a few, where they can find music, friends, games, information, and much more. They follow gamers, influencers, and reality T.V. personalities on Instagram, and some have channels on YouTube and telegram where others can follow them.

But how do we protect them from the negative influence of this new world? Things like cyberbullying? I’ve developed a program that helps them understand what power they have when it happens to them. The program focuses on grades four and five. It is about 20 minutes, and I teach them what to do;

I also help the parents or teachers monitor and distinguish between bullying and misbehaving kids. I had the privilege to do the program in Vaalpark primary.

My N.P.C.’s name is T.E.D.Y. We want to develop soft skills to help our kids navigate this minefield we call life. By ds. John Matthews, the C.E.O. of T.E.D.Y.

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