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Grade 4 Excursion to the Zoo E-mail


Night Race - Most tickets sold Print


And the winners of the class that sold the most tickets for the night race in 2015……GR4E2!!!!


Congratulations guys! You really did your best! Thank you to Mr P J Bouwer and Debonairs in Vaalpark. Each child in this class received a pizza of their choice! Thank you also to Mr Viljoen for letting them have a party on Friday, and to the PTA for the cold drinks. Hope you enjoyed it, you deserved it. Next year you can challenge your fellow pupils to see if you can do it again! Good luck!!

2015 Voortrekkerhalfjaarafsluiting Print


Tydens die Voortrekkers se halfjaarafsluiting het die graad 1 tot 4 voortrekkers pizza’s geëet, koeldrank gedrink en roomys geëet. Die graad 5 tot 7 voortrekkers was na die Heritage Museum in Vanderbiljpark.



2015 Earth Day PDF Print E-mail


Vaalpark Primary School celebrated Earth Day by showing learners how they can grow their own vegetable garden at home. Each class has 2 representatives who serve on the Eco-school committee. These representatives gave each learner a package containing the following:A Vaalpark Primary School refuse bag and a pamphlet with information regarding the new Vaalpark Recycling Centre. This creates awareness among the parents and learners about the recycling done in the community and how they can get involved. 

The staff members also ware their Value and Eco-School T-shirts.

OutdoorX : 23 - 24 May 2015 PDF Print E-mail


Vaalpark Primêr wil graag die organiseerders van OutdoorX bedank vir die 1048 gratis toegangskaartjies wat aan leerders geskenk is vir 23 en 24 Mei 2015 (Saterdag en Sondag).

Come and enjoy SA's No. 1 Outdoor, Leisure & Lifestyle Show at Malonjeni Guest Farm just outside ThreeRivers on the Heidelberg Road. Read more…


2015 Hemelvaart PDF Print E-mail

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Vaalpark Primêre Skool het weereens Hemelvaart op 'n besondere wyse gevier. Nadat leerders geluister het na ‘n Hemelvaartboodskap, het elke graad 7 leerder 'n heliumballon ontvang. Die ballonne is losgelaat om die goeie boodskap die wêreld in te dra.



Your portrait in Jesus


You are a child of God

You are holy

You are a new creation

You are God’s beloved

You are the Father’s bought property

You are perfect in Jesus

You are the chosen one of God

You are the heir of God

You are a member of God’s household

You are God’s brother or sister

You are God’s loved one

You are Christ’s ambassador

You are the dwelling of God

You are the temple of the Holy Spirit

You are a priest, prophet and king of God

You are a child of the light

You are the bride of Jesus

You are a friend of Jesus

You are a winner, able to do anything

You are one of the Good Shepherd’s sheep

You are the salt of the earth

You are the light of the world

You are a member of Christ’s body

You are Christ’s perfume

You are reconciled to God

You are forgiven and washed in Jesus blood

You have all spiritual blessings in Heaven

You are sealed with the Holy Spirit

You are set free from the slavery of sin

You are dead to sin and alive to Christ

You have peace with God

You are protected and served by angels

You are free from any condemnation

You have the power of the Holy Spirit


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